Custom Process Controls
  The price is great, the hardware has the abilities you need now and the expansion for the future. The software will control our process completely.


Engineering of your system starts at the time you call. A price quote from us is more than some numbers on a page. A preliminary sequence of operation and drawings for custom applications are also part of that quotation. This confirms our understanding of your application.


The construction begins with a design review of the initial quotation package. Cabinet layout, wire harness, and field wiring drawings are completed along with Bill of Materials. Approval drawings are sent to you.


The design is turned over to production. The project is assembled and hardware tested. Drawing errors and revisions are turned back to design for updated prints.


While the project is in production, software is developed and tested in our simulation lab. A room with PC-10A's, switches, lights, terminals and printers to simulate all the field devices that your project entails. The sequence is finalized and your hardware is delivered. The software is loaded and your system just sits there!? A continuous 48 hour burn in cycle to make sure there are no infant mortalities.


Wait, marketing was done months ago when I read the ad. You haven't even shipped. Why do I need service already? Marketing & Service are our final inspectors. The sequence is read and the program tested by Marketing & Service. If they can run it without a problem, it is ready to ship! No, Marketing isn't that slow, just meticulous! Service just wants to be sure they never have to go out to repair so they can play computer games waiting for the phone to ring!


Clean-up after the software engineer and final inspections. Serial numbers and voltages are recorded, Full documentation manuals are assembled. Finally, the system is put in the box and shipped to you! We "high five" each other for another complete job and start over.


The PC-10A is received by you; bolted to the wall; wires are terminated. Now what? Two choices, one, turn it on; calibrate and go or two, call us to help. On site start up, training for operators and maintenance, 24 hour phone support, next day warranty exchanges, and spare parts are part of the support you'll use as a benchmark for all your vendors!



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