Custom Processor Expanded

Take that same standard unit and add peripheral boards. Check out how far the PC-10A can go:


768 Total discrete I/O points. 24 inputs and outputs per board.
255 Addressable locations for any of the following options:

Scale Inputs
--for strain guage cells, 20 bit A/D, .003% linearity error, 60 samples/second, and
--5 PPM/C gain drift.

Pulse Counting
--DC pulse up to 15V. 65,536 count storage on board.

Analog Output
--12 bit resolution; 4-20ma current or voltage with added resistor.

Analog Input
--12 bit resolution; 4-20ma current or voltage with added resistor.

Remote Displays
--+5V or +15V power; 8 characters numeric; and 8 characters ASCII data.

Our boards are tied to the PC-10A via a high speed differential bus; and are fail safe in case of power or --communication failure.

Boards can be located up to 3000' cable distance from the PC-10A.

Link the PC-10A to most SCADA software packages.
Custom Cabinet Features:


--Explosion Proof

--Intrinsic Safe

--Graphic Control Consoles

O.K. you've read the hardware and software pitches.

How much is this "basic" unit going to cost? The starting price for a PC-10A is $1,385.00 This price includes 8 hours of engineering time to write a custom program for you! Of course a two year warranty is also included, not that you'll ever need it!

It is very simple, one call to one company, you're done! Take the rest of the day off knowing you've contacted the correct company to provide the right solution to your application! Of course you'll need that number.

Even the call is included in the price!

We manufacture and distribute a complete line of products for the scale industry.
Contact us and we can help you build your own Platform Scale, Tank Scale, or Batching System.
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