Model ST4
Signal Trim Summing Cards
ST4SLE Summing Card
Model ST4SLE
(As Shown with Section Trim, Expansion and Surge Protection)
Standard Version
Model ST4
Cell Trim Only
The ST4 Summing Card is 6.75" wide X 4.9" long. It has four 5-position terminal strips for load cell input and one 7-position terminal strip with internally jumped sense terminals for output to the instrument. The board will sum 4 load cells and can be used with expansion terminal strip to sum up to sixteen 350, 700, or 1000 ohm load cells using 2 or more summing cards. Trimming of signal output is accomplished with four 25-turn trim pots with up to 5% load cell adjustment with 350 ohm cells.
The board can be mounted with the four .22" mounting holes provided, with a spacing of 6.25" X 4.25" on center.
This board will mount in Hoffman Enclosures using part# A-8P6, A-8P6SS, or A-8P6AL Backing Plates.
We offer sever different custom enclosures, see Standard Junction Boxes for Enclosures and Backing Plates we manufacture.
Section Trim Version
Model ST4S
With Section Trim

Same as the ST4 Summing Card but has six 25-turn trim pots with up to 5% load cell and 7% section adjustment with 350 ohm cells.

  • Lever-Operated Cage-Clamp Spring Terminal Strips By WAGO.
  • Bourns Trimming Pots
  • 25 ppm Temperature Coefficient Resistors


  • Screw StyleLever-Operated Cage-Clamp Spring Terminal Strips
  • Expansion terminal strip
  • Section Trim
  • Surge protection
  • 50ppm Temperature Coefficient Resistors (not recomended for truck scales)

Key Benefits

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  • Call for OEM & Quantity Pricing
  • Custom Build Available

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